It’s the Final !

After a 14 weeks long time it is going to be over, Final question is in your courseware. According to the profile page final gonna have total 47 questions with 10 parts , you have to answer all the question covering materials of  week 1 to 13. Like as the midterm you have 24 hours to complete this. As AA says you only need 3 or 4 hours to complete the final if  you follow the past lecture and done the homework. Certificate will be in your profile page with your acquired grade.


Good Luck 🙂


It’s almost over…

It’s been 10 week since the course started. More then 120000 people are enrolled, a small percentage are till now stay to the final. Those who earned a 60% in the overall marks are not need to do the week 11 & 12 but you can have lose some items in the final.

In the discussion forum Jouquard tell a important thing about the remain week and final, i just copy-paste this

“For the moment (until MIT can certify your identity and knowledge in a testing center under the same conditions as an MIT student taking the exams), the only value of the course is what you learn. Your score and the certificate, other than the personal satisfaction and the motivation they provide you, are otherwise completely worthless to everyone else. It won’t get you a job; it won’t get you into MIT or elsewhere.

(Some people will use their score to brag, but is anyone really impressed?)

So to answer your question: if you don’t do weeks 11 and 12, you won’t learn about filters and operational amplifiers. Should you be at a party (warning: this is tongue in cheek — I actually don’t expect this topic to come up), and you’re trying to impress someone with your knowledge about circuits and electronics, you might be a little embarrassed should op amps or filtering come up. You will feel really, really small.

So do weeks 11 and 12 with the same seriousness as you did 1 through 10.

And now a question for you: should those who already have 60 out of the total 100 points bother taking the final, since they’ve already qualified for a certificate? That’s a rhetorical question, as the answer should be obvious. (Just in case you are unsure, the answer is “yes”.)

The final can have been taken between 4th to 6th june. week 13 & 14 have only lecture sequences, not the assignments. It’s been fun, don’t u 😉