Do follow the collaboration rule ….. It’s all about your satisfaction not the grade

It’s been seen that some of the students just post about help them with several midterm question in case the full midterm solution are posted in some facebook MITx group and other forums. Mind that its an open book exam having 24 hours, you can have help from the text book, related discussion, tutorial or the given lectures. Don’t copy others answer to your checkbox. It all about your understanding in the related topics adn  he exam is supposed to grade your understanding, not the understanding of some random collaborator. If you cannot get to grips with the material then you don’t get the marks… that’s how exams work!

The 6.002x completion certificate has been rendered utterly valueless on a CV because of illicit collaboration on all the graded stages, so the only point in doing the course is to learn something and for our own satisfaction.

It does not matter that those who get the same certificate as you at the end of the course, it’s what knowledge you gain and how you are able to apply it that counts.

So be honest with your satisfaction .