Midterm is over !

After 5 days of waiting the midterm is over. It contain just some simple question from the homework and workout example. It’s not so hard, just have to spend some time to thinking. All credit goes to Dr. Agarwal and his stuff. Staff solutions will be available next week , it’s been said that all of your are encouraged to discuss the problems that you thought were particularly hard on the discussion forum. It is just halfway through the course. Study and be ready for the final grade.


Do follow the collaboration rule ….. It’s all about your satisfaction not the grade

It’s been seen that some of the students just post about help them with several midterm question in case the full midterm solution are posted in some facebook MITx group and other forums. Mind that its an open book exam having 24 hours, you can have help from the text book, related discussion, tutorial or the given lectures. Don’t copy others answer to your checkbox. It all about your understanding in the related topics adn  he exam is supposed to grade your understanding, not the understanding of some random collaborator. If you cannot get to grips with the material then you don’t get the marks… that’s how exams work!

The 6.002x completion certificate has been rendered utterly valueless on a CV because of illicit collaboration on all the graded stages, so the only point in doing the course is to learn something and for our own satisfaction.

It does not matter that those who get the same certificate as you at the end of the course, it’s what knowledge you gain and how you are able to apply it that counts.

So be honest with your satisfaction .


More review on Midterm

There introduced more content on the coming midterm. Are you ready for this …….

A flashcard deck including 25 problems from the Practice Midterm Exam is now available on Anki flashcards, available on  Anki, just install it and search MITx of circuit and learn.User manual of this flashcard is available

There is a google spreadsheet for managing questions. Just surf on it.

fsanchez has release summary useful to our midterm can download here

There is a google spreadsheet for managing questions alike midterm.

more exercise and review can found here of fsanchez post


good luck 🙂

MITx news and commentary

MITnews, April 6:

Reif, Grimson: MITx aims to enhance on-campus education

MITx’s pilot class is now under way: 6.002x, Introduction to Circuits and Electronics. So far, more than 120,000 people worldwide have signed up for the course, which is now about halfway through its semester, Grimson said. At least 20,000 of those students have been actively keeping up with the course’s lectures, exercises and online tests.

InsideHigherEd, April 6:

The MITx Factor

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology ended 2011 with a grand announcement: It would broadcast massive, open online courses — equal in rigor to its on-campus offerings — to tens of thousands of non-enrolled, non-paying learners around the world. Eventually, the university would offer these students a pathway to some sort of credential. The project, called MITx, was heralded as a major step toward using technology to refigure the economics of higher education. Now comes the hard part: actually pulling it off.

MIT Faculty Newsletter:

A Contrarian View of MITx: What Are We Doing!?

I believe that education and training are different. To me, training is an essential commodity that will certainly be outsourced to digital systems and be dramatically improved in the process. Education is much more subtle and complex and is likely to be accomplished through mentorship or apprentice-like interactions between a learner and an expert.

From The Faculty Chair: Freshman Advising and MITx

In December, MIT announced the bold extension of OpenCourseWare (OCW) into MITx. OCW has delivered online course materials for free, and MITx aims to provide an environment for free online learning. A major question about the potential impact of MITx is this: If MITx is wildly successful, what is the future of the residential education experience that has been our mode of teaching for MIT’s entire history? If students can master course materials online for free (or for a modest “credentialing” fee), what incentives would there be for anyone to invest in an expensive residential college education? In short, what will be the “added value” of a residential education that will justify a residential student’s financial investment?

Editorial: MITx

MITx will not, after all, deliver the benefits of human-to-human interaction via late night talks, camaraderie-developing activities, accidental conversations, in-the-office critiques, UROPs, probing debates, intellectual wrestling, and other on-site elements of a university education in general and an MIT education in particular.

Not yet anyway. And too bad we have no way of measuring the benefits of all those resident experiences other than anecdotally from our own experiences or the testimonies of others.

The future is murky, and change may happen fast: The 50-minute lecture may turn obsolete overnight, yielding to 12-minute video chunks; we may lead, or we may fall behind; we may resist, or we may embrace; but one thing is clear, we better not ignore. No one has a crystal ball good enough to give us much of a clue about what actually will happen, but we all need help make it happen right and make it happen here, because it is the kind of challenge we like and have an obligation to take on. The Provost has lit a match. It is up to all of us to catch fire, to participate, to innovate, to promote, to argue, and to help MIT manage its way through a time that will be partly exciting, partly scary, but certainly defining.

Midterm sample problem and exam pattern been posted ..

In order to clear out the confusion at last MITx posted the sample review problem and the exam pattern under course info section. Students have only 3 chance to check their answer either right or wrong. With a wrong answer in the third attempt you will be shocked !!

They says that the review problem contains only the sample problem, does not indicates the number of given question the exam or the others. what do you think to continue the same performance or better ??

Again Midterm contain 30% of total grade, HW is 30% and the finale have 40% so, got under 60% marks in midterm cause you to downgrade of your total grade to 60% (or fail !). You have only 24 hours to complete your exam.

So, be prepared  for the exam 🙂